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Jacky Newcomb

Skype Angel Classes

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Jacky Newcomb

Skype Angel Classes

A private, and completely bespoke, 1-2-1 Angel Class/Workshop With Jacky Newcomb


"We work out what you want to cover in advance, by e-mail or just go with the flow. We can do angel meditations, answer questions, learn how to do cards readings or set up angel altars. We can connect using voice-only or use a video-cam to make it seem as if we are sitting in the room together."

An hour skype training class for £95

A ½ hour skype training class for £50

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NB: These classes are personal, and are available for a short time only. You can spend the whole hour just asking questions about your own experiences if you want to, you decide - you have Jacky all to yourself. Due to Jacky's busy schedule, places are limited.


The price reflect's the 1-2-1 nature of the experience. Of course Jacky also does lots of free talks and cheaper workshops at events around the country too, so you can select whichever is appropriate for your budget. If you want to book a class, simply pay using one of the PayPal buttons abouve and we'll contact you to book it in.

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- No travel or phone costs

- No overnight stays

- No trouble of leaving the house!

- We can organising at a time to suit your schedule

- A personal one-to-one class designed with your needs in mind

- You could even take notes if you want to

- Ask as many questions as you like as we go along


Please pay for your workshop using the buttons below, chosing either a ½ hour or hour class. Check that you include an up-to-date email so that you can be contacted to organise a time for your class.